Doctors Accepting New Patients Questions and Answers

Looking for a new doctor? The physicians on staff at Totowa Immedicenter are taking on new patients! For more information, please call us to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from Totowa NJ, Paterson NJ, Haledon NJ, Passaic NJ, North Caldwell NJ, Wayne NJ, North Haledon NJ, and Fairfield NJ.

Doctors Accepting New Patients Questions and Answers
Doctors Accepting New Patients Questions and Answers

Where can I find out if a doctor is accepting new patients?

Finding a new doctor can be a tricky process. While a quick Google search may show you many clinics and physicians nearby, it can be difficult to determine if the physicians are actually accepting new patients, and it may involve having to call around and do your own research, which can be time consuming. Also, depending on your personal health insurance plan, you may want to find a provider that is “in network”, meaning someone that will accept your insurance.

At Totowa Immedicenter, we are happy to say that our doctors are currently accepting new patients. We can accommodate a wide variety of patients, with various medical needs and of different ages. If you would like more information about which doctors at our specific clinic are accepting new patients, who they can see, and how to go about setting up an initial appointment, please feel free to contact us today.

What do doctors usually specialize in?

There are many different specialties that doctors can have. After completing a four-year medical degree, most physicians then choose an area of specialty to do their residency in, which is anywhere from 3-5 years or more, depending on the discipline. This is a period of time where they practice that branch of medicine under a more senior physician and hone their specialty. Specialties range from family medicine, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, surgery, and so on. Many doctors will specialize in family or general medicine, and we have a suite of primary care physicians on staff at Totowa Immedicenter. Physicians that specialize in family or general practice medicine are trained to provide essential primary care to people of all ages.

In addition to family doctors, we also have orthopedic specialists as well as gastroenterologists on staff, so if you have orthopedic related concerns or stomach related conditions and issues, we have physicians that can see you and work with you.

Can doctors accept a family as new patients?

Not all family or general practice doctors may be able to treat people of all ages, but at Totowa Immedicenter, our primary care physicians can see you and your whole family as new patients. There are certain kinds of doctors that specialize in care for children, known as pediatricians, and doctors who can care for older folks, known as geriatricians, or in some cases, internists (or internal medicine doctors) may work with either of these populations. However, a general practice doctor is typically able to care for patients of all ages, and if further specialty care is needed, then they are able to provide a referral to that physician or those services. At Totowa Immedicenter, we are committed to providing you with the best, most comprehensive care possible.

How often will doctors accept new patients?

This depends on the doctor or clinic in question. Often, doctors will take on new patients when they are just beginning or are trying to grow their practice. In some cases, doctors will only accept new patients when they have enough time and resources available to provide adequate care. At Totowa Immedicenter, we have spots open for new patients, and are free and able to provide you with our time and resources to give you the best care possible. We would not accept new patients unless we knew we had the time and resources to apply to them. Sometimes, depending on where you live or your medical needs, it can be hard to find a physician that is accepting new patients, and it can leave you with a gap in which you may not have simple access to the care you need. This is why we pride ourselves at Totowa Immedicenter on providing efficient, comprehensive care for you and your loved ones.

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