Orthopedic Specialist Questions and Answers

Chronic pain and challenges to mobility can affect the quality of life for individuals on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are now many methods for treating and managing pain and related issues. We provide many of these solutions here at Totowa Immedicenter. In order to answer some of your questions, we have provided a brief Q&A on orthopedic services.

Orthopedic Specialist Questions and Answers
Orthopedic Specialist Questions and Answers

When should I see an orthopedist?

You should see an orthopedist if you’ve been suffering from pain for prolonged periods of time or chronic pain. An orthopedist can help you identify and treat the underlying cause of your pain and help you treat or manage your pain better. Arthritis pain and injury-related pain can be addressed by an orthopedist. Orthopedists also specialize in nerve, knee, and ankle pain. This professional is a specialist in the musculoskeletal system, and therefore, can help you manage pain anywhere in your body.

Some doctors can help manage the pain that you experience but may not be able to help treat the cause for the pain. An orthopedist can help address both the pain and its causes, such as medical conditions. In addition, injuries can be treated and even prevented with the services an orthopedist can offer.

You should see an orthopedist if you are struggling with pain, the effects of an injury, issues with movement and mobility, instability, weakness, or any of the issues mentioned above.

What does an orthopedic doctor treat? What are some common orthopedic services?

Orthopedists can treat pain, address its causes, and also perform surgery, when needed, such as joint replacement surgery. An orthopedist’s goal is often to avoid surgery whenever possible and therefore, can also provide noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments instead. Such treatments include physical therapy and pain relief injections. Let us take a closer look at the services an orthopedist can offer:

  • Pain relief
  • Injury treatment or post-injury treatment, including for broken bones, compression fractures, dislocations, muscle injuries, or tendon tears
  • Injury prevention for athletes and active people
  • Treatment for musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, bursitis, and osteoporosis
  • Physical therapy to improve range of motion and mobility
  • Steroid injections
  • Bracing and casting

Do you provide orthopedist services near me?

Totowa Immedicenter provides orthopedist services and more. We are located at 500 Union Boulevard, Totowa, NJ 07512. Please call us to book an appointment today: (973) 221-8443.

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